you just keep me hangin' on.
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you've stumbled across the blog of quinn fabray. yes, the quinn fabray. i'm sure you already know who i am, but in case you forgot who runs this school, i'll tell you again. i'm sixteen, and a sophomore at william mckinley high school. captain of the wmhs cheerios, a.k.a. the top of the pyramid. i'm also president of the celibacy club - remember, it's all about the teasing, not about the pleasing! i'm also dating finn hudson, the quiarterback for the mckinley titans football team. while talking to me is encouraged,j just remember that unlike my boyfriend - i do bite.

Anonymous asked: "how do you feel about puck?"

Puck? Is this Ask-Quinn-About-Every-Guy-In-School Wednesday? Puck’s not as bad as he seems, to be honest.  I think that under all that crap, there’s a good guy in there somewhere. I just know it. 

Anonymous asked: "What do you think of the new guy Sam?"

He’s the new guy. I don’t know much about him, but he seems nice enough. He’s on the football team, so I’ll probably be seeing more of him as the season goes on. We haven’t talked all that much or anything. 

Anonymous asked: "Why are you wasting your time in glee club?"

I’m not wasting my time. There are valid reasons for which I belong to Glee Club. None of which are your business. 

Anonymous asked: "Are you in love with Finn?"

Of course I am. He’s my boyfriend, and we have a future together. 

Anonymous asked: "What do you think of Rachel Berry?"

Rachel Berry? Why would you even begin to think I’d bother with Rachel Berry? I know she’s coming on to my boyfriend, and I don’t like her annoying personality. If you’d like to see what else I think of her, check any of the Thunderclap’s in the library, or the stalls in the girls bathroom.